distributor of Fancom
After 15 years in the poultry industry, I installed Fancom’s variable speed fans in my two 40,000 square foot barns. I am absolutely amazed at the difference it’s made and my electric bill is 65% of what I budgeted. I believe it is the very best product of its kind on the market and I have never seen service from a company like Fancom offers.
Doug Metzler – ENJ Farm
After installing Fancom systems on our farm, we improved animal growth, saved energy, and above everything else, improved animal performance. And the service we’ve received has been awesome!
Jerry Kleinsasser – OK Colony
Fancom offers all the control capabilities you could ask for. The time savings is unreal! The products are excellent as is the service. We will recommend Fancom to our friends and neighbors.
Avery Waldner – Brantwood Colony
This system allows me to manage my farm from my home 45 minutes away. The ability to address immediate needs has insured maximum performance and avoided unneeded losses.
John Brommer – Brown Mill Farm
We have had Fancom in this barn for a number of years and the results we see versus what we had is timesaving, of course efficiency and accuracy on control that have technology we only dreamed of before we installed this system.
Samuel Hofer Jr. – Springdale All Natural Pork
With Fancom, we experienced good air movement and all-around good animal performance. Also a huge savings in electricity, but what we admire the most is the software Fancom provides allowing us very good data collection.
Justin – Rosebank Farms
With Fancom, we are working less on the system and repairs. We’re also seeing animal improvement, especially weight gain.
Darius – Wintering Hills