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Continous insight into egg production
Fancom's 746 egg counting system doesn't just provide a reliable count of egg production, it also gives you insight into how production is progressing at any given moment. Production differ­ences per row caused by malfunctions or disease show up immediately. An egg counting system can also help you identify inadequate ventilation or poor feed and water consumption, which would otherwise have a negative impact on egg production, at an early stage.

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Egg Counters

Optimise packing capacity · flow control.The 746 automatically regulates the speed of the egg belts so that the supply on the collection belt is always precisely geared to the packing capacity. This saves a huge amount of time. In addition, it offers the added bonus of fewer start/stops, thereby considerably reducing the risk of cracked eggs.

egg counters

The ideal solution for every type of housing
Thanks to a faster readout and control, the 746 prevents any gaps in the flow of eggs caused by empty nest boxes. With cage housing systems, the 746 ensures that all the houses are emptied simultaneously and takes a pre-set mix of eggs from different houses into account if required. Automatic lift control is also possible.

The 746 registers production per day, per group and per counter, in numbers and laying percentages. The computer displays this data for today, and for the preceding period. The most important production data is presented in clear weekly overviews. This information is automatically saved for 70 weeks.

Electronic egg counters The counter is completely sealed and therefore resistant to the aggressive conditions in a layer house, even when the houses are being sprayed clean. The counters use infrared technology to count the eggs without touching them. This prevents unnecessary damage and soiling. Small counters are available for mounting on the egg belts and larger counters for mounting on the collection belt.


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OvoFlow™ Benefits

  • Outstanding laying percentage
  • Improved egg quality
  • High uniformity
  • Lower mortality