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An important task of a ventilation system in the house is removing excess heat and unwanted gasses like CO2. The degree of ventilation depends on the age of the animals. The precise level of ventilation in the house is continually measured and controlled using the Fancom ATM unit.

Accurate ventilation
The ATM measuring and control unit is a dimensionally stable, chimney module with airflow transmitter and control valve. This module is mounted below the Fancom fan unit. With central exhaust, the ATM unit is mounted between the section and the central duct. The airflow transmitter continuously measures ventilation in the house. The control valve mounted between the airflow transmitter and fan controls the airflow to the right level. Thanks to the way in which measurement and control take place, accurate ventilation is guaranteed providing optimal living conditions for your animals.

Accurate ventilation saves energy and reduces heating costs. There is never too much ventilation and no heat is lost.

accurate ventilation-1

accurate ventilation-1Unique features
Some of the unique features of the ATM unit enable the world's most accurate air flow measurement:

  • Minimum tip wobble of the airflow transmitter ensures the entire surface of the chimney is measured.
  • The special shape of the patented airflow transmitter ensures the RPM is always proportional to the amount of air.accurate ventilation-1 This guarantees an accurate measurement, especially in the, all-important for animals, minimum ventilation zone.
  • Direction sensitive RPM feedback ensures wind influences cannot affect the measurement.
  • The contra-rotating control valve encourages an unhampered air flow. Available in diameters of 35 to 80 cm.

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